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Welcome to La Scent, 


I'm Heni, the founder and master candlemaker of this small, family-run company.


Our belief that beautiful things can be crafted responsibly, from natural ingredients and renewable sources, 

combined with a passion for supporting small local businesses led us on an exciting journey to create the products you will find here.


Our aim is to provide you with a sustainable alternative, in the form of these meticulously crafted luxurious products and a truly personal, unforgettable experience. 

We firmly believe in supporting the local economy and minimising our carbon footprint, which is why we source all ingredients used to craft our products from other small manufacturers and not via major corporations and online marketplaces.

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All our products are 100% hand-crafted in our small studio near Windsor, Berkshire, using only plant-based, all-natural ingredients, making them suitable for vegans. We refuse to utilise single-use plastics in any of our crafting methods, our packaging is minimalistic and fully reusable or compostable. 

We can't wait to help you bring organic, soothing and above all comforting scents to your home. 

Best wishes, 



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